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This Day In History
1991 Brian Mulroney 1939- promises 500-job GST processing centre for Summerside to help community hard hit by closing of Canadian Forces Base.
1991 356th &final episode of CBS 2nd longest running series Dallas, 2nd only to Gunsmoke
1987 Miami Herald reports a woman spent Friday &Saturday with Gary Hart
1982 ABC's All Talk network begins on radio (2 west coast stations)
1978 West Indies all set to lose cricket test vs Australia at Kingston till riots end game
1971 Pulitzer prize awarded to John Toland (Rising Sun)
1971 Erich Honecker succeeds Walter Ulbricht as East German party leader
1967 Black students seize finance building at Northwestern University
1965 Pulitzer prize awarded to Irwin Unger (Greenback Era)
1963 Martin Luther King Jr delivers his "I have a dream" speech
1958 In Brockville, Ontario a Trust company is robbed of $3.3 million dollars in bonds and securities.
1956 A new range of mountains discovered in Antarctica (2 over 13,000')
1952 The first landing by an airplane at geographic North Pole
1948 Pulitzer prize awarded to James Michener &Tennessee Williams
1947 Japan forms a constitutional democracy
1947 (Birthday) Mickey Finn - singer
1946 International military tribunal in Tokyo begins
1945 First Canadian Army takes Oldenburg, and Canadian paratroopers link up with Russians in Wismar.
1945 British troop join in Rangoon
1945 Allies arrests German nuclear physics Werner Heisenberg
1944 Dr. Robert Woodward and Dr. William Doering produced the first synthetic quinine
1936 French People's Front wins elections
1923 Thr first nonstop transcontinental flight (New York-San Diego) completed
1917 Lt. Robert G. Combe (27th Cdn. Infantry Batt.) wins the Victoria Corss at Acheville, France
1912 In Halifax Nova Scotia, the first Titanic victims are buried in Halifax
1898 Camp Merriman established at Presidio (San Fransisco)
1855 Antwerp-Rotterdam railway opens
1845 The first black lawyer (Macon B Allen) admitted to the bar (Massachusetts)
1845 Fire kills 1,600 in popular theater in Canton China
1830 The first regular steam train passenger service starts
1722 Pierre de Marivaux' "La Double Inconstance" premieres in Paris France
1660 Sweden, Poland, Brandenburg &Austria sign Peace of Oliva
1515 Persian Gulf: Portugese fleet occupies Ormuz
1382 Battle on Beverhoutsfield near Brugge

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