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What is the Remind Me?

"Remind Me" allows users to have reminders automatically mailed to them on a date they select. Useful for reminders about final exams, deadlines for publications, gift-giving occasions, or pretty much anything. The program allows you to determine a date, whether you want to be reminded annually or just once, and how far in advance you'd like to be reminded of the event or occasion. Users may also use a password to get a list of all their pending reminders.

How to use it?

Just register you with your real E-mail. After the registration you will get E-mail with two links;

  • 1.I want to use this service
  • 2.No, I do not want to use this service.

I have forgotten my password - what now?

If you have forgotten the password, input your correct e-mail address, enter "Password", and click on the "List.." button. You will then be provided an opportunity to have it automatically mailed to you.

Will be data-Email address used for another purpous?


What does it mean link in message (registered users)?

The link in the message is the request for cancelling the account.

Have I to click on Link?

Do not click on Link if you are not sure. Please, read carefully in order to avoid unwanted cancellation of account.


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