The Infantry regiment No. 17 of Austrian Army was founded in the second half of 17. century.The headquarters and the recruitment center were situated in the town Ljubljana.The majority of men were Slovenian people and very soon the regiment was named with the nick " Kranjski Janezi" - Johns from Carniola. The language of the regiment was Slovenian but the command language was German. The last nameholder of the actual 17th Infantry Regiment, the last Crown Prince of Austria-Hungary was his excellency Archduke Otto von Habsburg (born 20 November 1912), so the last nickname of regiment was also "Cesarjeviči" - Little emperors ( at that time the prince was still the boy). In the I. World War the Infantry regiment No. 17 assisted on Russian battlefield and also on Italian frontline.

Some photos of The "IR 17 - Kronprinz" re-enactment group, Jakopičev drevored (Ljubljana-Tivoli) on 26 August 2007.


Kranjski Janezi-prihod_2007

Free on the place

Kranjski Janezi-voljno_2007

View from back

Kranjski Janezi-zadaj_2007

Arrival of the main chiefs

Kranjski Janezi-nadrejeni_2007

Army review

Kranjski Janezi-pregled_2007


Kranjski Janezi-odhod_2007

Ljubljana, Jakopičev drevored 2007. AS