Description of Trips

1a. From Srednji vrh to Kresišče and back.

Trip9 Srednji vrh-Kresišče-Srednji vrh

The first part of our trip to Kresišče (1.839 m sea level) is quite the same as the trip no.1 (Trupejevo poldne) till the hunter log behind the mountain Lepi Vrh. From here we continue our way and somewhere on the half - see map - we shall take the path directly straight to the ridge. Here we turn to the left and the path leads us to the foothills of Kresišče. On our left side below we see the pasture Grajšca but we are still walking ahead (turn right) for some time. Soon we shall find the path on our left side (glej sliko))

Here turn left and go up!

going up to the top of mountain Kresišče. From the top we take the path to pasture Grajšca ( strictly going along the ridge) and after crossing Grajšca we continue to the hunter log behind the mountain Lepi Vrh.

The trip is suitable for hikers with the good condition and it last about 5 hours incl. rests. The relative altitude is abt. 1.000 m and the distance abt 12,5 km. The arriving to the initial place (Srednji vrh) should be with car.